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Handmade Stationery by Green Blueberry


Green Blueberry is our new brand of handmade products. Our handmade products are made with recycled paper and fibers not trees. As a publisher and manufacturer of books, we believe in lessening our dependence on trees to make our books and other products like stationery, wedding invitations and printer paper.

The term "Green" in our name reflects the recycling part of our small paper mill. The term "Blueberry" describes the location of our small paper mill which is nestled alongside a hill in Lempster, NH surrounded by highbush blueberries. (Our neighboring street is called Blueberry Lane).

We put a lot of love into our handmade products using a variety of both eco-friendly materials and through our process of recycling paper to create a beautiful masterpiece for you to enjoy.


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