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About Us

Our Mission As A Publisher

As a publisher, we are well aware of the effects of deforestation. We created our new imprint, Green Blueberry Books as an answer to a worldwide problem. We don’t want to be part of the problem but rather an eventual solution that perhaps other publishers could emulate by not relying solely on new wood paper products but on recycling waste paper and fibers.

Nearly all publishers small and large hire overseas manufacturers for their book production because it is cheaper. There are guidelines and rating systems in place to help a publisher source those book manufacturers and printers overseas that only deal with high content recycled papers but that system is not the best nor is it vetted. A publisher has to rely on the manufacturer and/or printers to do their homework and do the right thing when sourcing wood for paper stock. It is an imperfect system as many book manufacturers overseas, due to cost concerns, find only the cheapest paper milled in order to make a profit which normally comes from illegally harvested wood.

What is deforestation?

It is the removal of a forest where the land is converted to a non-forest use. Tropical rainforests are at the most concentrated levels of deforestation.

What are the effects of deforestation?

Moist forest soils can quickly dry out without the protective cover of trees which blocks out the sun’s rays during the day and holds heat in at night. Without tree cover, there are more extreme temperature swings, the water cycle by returning water vapor into the atmosphere is lost. Trees also absorb greenhouse gases that fuel global warming. Without trees, land can become barren and desert-like, increase the speed and severity of global warming, kill plant life and animals due to loss of habitat and extreme temperature swings.

What are some solutions?

Becoming aware of the issue as an immediate global threat is the first solution. Educating our children and ourselves.

Support a Working Forest Here in The United States

Solutions For Publishers

There is an abundance of paper waste and fiber waste especially here in the United States. The process of converting this waste into paper is what is more expensive than buying the actual paper overseas. It is slower to produce paper this way but it is a solution nonetheless.

We are working towards a system that can produce true recycled paper and fibers fast enough for mass production of books.

How Can I Help?

First, spread the word about these wonderful organizations:

The Conservation Fund

Sierra Club (National):

Sierra Club Chapter In New Hampshire:

Upper Valley, NH Sierra Club:

More About Toy Surge Publishing

In 2010, our parent company, Toy Surge Group was started with a single internet retail site: selling brand name children’s toys. Toy Surge was started with the goal of not only providing a diverse inventory of quality toys but also providing a personal touch to each and every consumer product order. Now we’ve expanded into publishing quality books in both digital and print format for both the adult and children’s market.

Toy Surge Publishing and our imprint, Toy Surge Press has published a best selling series called: A Monster Stole My Shoe Series as well as publishing its first coloring book: Trucks Coloring Book, the first in a series of fun-themed coloring books.

On the horizon is our division, Toy Surge Interactive which aims to bring some of those children’s illustrated picture books interactive through our book apps. Also, our newest division, Toy Surge Consumer Products is about to release children’s jigsaw puzzles featuring the characters and artwork of some of our authors! Be looking for the first puzzle to be released in 2017!