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Word Gush: Daily Writing Exercise Journal For Young Writers
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Word Gush: Daily Writing Exercise Journal For Young Writers

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Too many kids are scared of writing or just plain bored with writing exercises. That’s where Word Gush comes in. Alive with playful and impersonal idea prompts, Word Gush makes it easy to start writing whether at home or in the classroom. The prompts stir the imagination into an eagerness to express both words and worlds. Word Gush includes 200 writing prompts that are suitable for young writers from elementary to middle school (grade levels 4-8) with an emphasis on developing writing style whether that’s expository, descriptive, persuasive or narrative writing.
    • Expository: An explosion just happened that was so loud it shook your house. You walk to the corner and see something amazing! What caused this explosion to happen? Write a one page story using who, what, when, where, why and how.
    • Descriptive: Secret gardens are so mystical and fun. Plan a secret garden of your own using your five senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision) to describe your secret garden. Where would it be? What would be in it? Who would visit there or live there?
    • Persuasive: Tammy built a time machine that could only take her to any time she wanted once then bring her home. She is allowed to bring only one person on this exciting trip and she has picked you. Convince Tammy where the two of you should go and why.
    • Narrative: Pretend you are your favorite zoo animal. Tell a short story about how you feel when everyone is staring at you all day. What do the humans do when they visit you? Do you have dreams of escaping? How would you do that? Or, do you like where you live at the zoo? Describe your surroundings and what you like or don’t like about it. Why did you choose to stay or leave?

Word Gush is a helpful tool for teachers and parents alike. Get your child writing with confidence and style that will help them as they progress through their school years.

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